Dr. Greenthumbs Chlorine & Sediment Remover (Attach to your garden hose!)


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Best Selling Pure Organic Range


Chlorine in tap water can be a major threat to your plants. Sure, it’s added to kill germs and purify the water, but it can lead to sickly plants with yellowing leaves, stunted growth, and even death.
Filtering out this harmful chemical is a simple yet crucial step to keeping your green friends healthy and thriving. By removing chlorine, you’ll give your plants access to pure and safe water, promoting growth and preventing stress. Plus, filtered water also prevents the buildup of chlorine in the soil, which can disrupt the uptake of nutrients. In short, filtering chlorine is a must for plant health and happiness.

Easily attaches to your garden hose!

A must-have for organic living soil growers

Instantly removes chlorine and sediment

Ideal for compost tea brewing

It makes water safe for mycorrhizae & beneficial bacteria

Our 10″ model treats 5000L of water


For maximum filtering efficiency, use a flow rate of 2L per minute.

Make sure to connect the inlet to the correct end as marked.

On first use, run the unit for 2 minutes to settle the filter contents.

Store the filter in an upright position to allow the unit to drain in between uses.

Replace your Dr Greenthumbs water filter after 12 months of use.

Please note; connect the hose to the end that has the ridge on it, so the flow is running the same way as the arrows on the filter. The flow direction is clearly marked on the filter if you are confused.

Please Note – These filters are not intended to be dragged around on the end of a hose; please use them to fill your container instead!

Additional information

Weight .60 kg
Dimensions 40 × 12 × 12 cm