SOS Pure Biosmoke 250ml


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BiOSMOKE™ (aka Wood Vinegar) is a light brown natural smoke condensate / liquid that contains over 200 compounds that can boost the growth and productivity of crops by enhancing the absorption of nutrients, improving the soil health, and increasing the resistance to pests and diseases.

Benifits of Boismoke:

1. 100% organic fertiliser and pest deterrent
2. Growth enhancement
3. Insect repellent / Fungicide & Disease resistance
4. Soil enrichment
5. Accelerates seed germination – more seeds sprout when soaked in PURE BiOSMOKE™ first
6. Safe for humans and animals!
7. Stimulates plant and vegetable growth
8. Strengthens roots and leaves
9. Improved absorption within the roots
10. Increased quantity of microbes
11. Increased soil microbial weight
12. Improves flavour, colour, firmness, and preservation of fruit
13. Crop resistance to adverse conditions
14. Thicker and stronger stems
15. Higher growth rates
16. More resistant to disease
17. Stimulates development of crops

Additional information

Weight .6 kg
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 10 cm