Red Back Chiller (evaporative cooler)


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Red Back Chiller
Red Back Chiller is the most efficient evaporative cooler on the market!

The Redback Chiller brings you the most cost-effective climate control for your home gardens! Using a new refined tapered flange design ensures you have most efficient evaporative cooling.

Simply install a Redback Chiller incorporated as part your intake fan layout and the additional moisture can reduce growroom temperatures by up to 10 degrees!

Our Redback Chiller includes everything you need; water pumps, float-valves and complete evaporative cooling system all in the box! Redback Chiller is a step above the competition with newly innovated design, drastically improved efficiency and cleverly engineered evaporative core.

Our advanced usage tip: Install your water pump with a mechanical timer,
this way you can ensure the evaporative cooling system is working when you need it to!

We recommend using the chiller with CoolSox.

Note: it does not come with any fan or cool sox

Redback Chiller (TM) Evaporative Coolers come as a complete kit to lower your room temperature and increase humidity.

Kit includes: water pump, ball float, reservoir, cooler unit

Redback Chiller is an evaporative cooler specifically designed to control excessive heat, and to optimise levels in your indoor garden.

Fill reservoir and adjust ballcock to set minimum and maximum water levels. (please ensure that the pump is fully submersed at all times). Connect the inlet to a hose or tank for continuous water supply.

We recommend using a 300mm diameter inline fan with the appropriate length of ducting to direct cool air to the desired location.

As an alternative, smaller diameter (200-250mm) fan and ducting can be used with a reducer attached.

Because of its uni-directional airflow design, you can use Redback Chiller as an effective and economical cooling solutionfor your man cave, tool shed, games room or garage, or even while camping out.

you will require the Cool Sox ducting and fan or as unit does not come with these items.

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