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The “NEW” HyperFan uses next generation “Multi-Phase” EC Motors that energizes the motor 12 times per revolution. Power delivery to the fan blade is smooth, ultra efficient and vibration free. This fan uses up to half the power and produces half the heat of current leading industry mixed flow fans. This results in greatly reduced energy costs, less wear, improved reliability and increased lifespan. Hyper Fan produces up to 2.4 inches of Water Gauge pressure. The highest pressure of any fan in its class, delivering more air movement through ducting, carbon filters or air cooled hoods. Detachable speed controller is included. Available in 150mm (149Lps/315cfm), 200mm (335Lps/710cfm) & 250mm (503Lps/1065cfm)EC digital brushless motors are quieter, operate at lower temperature, are energy efficient & reliable.

HyperFan Features

High Pressure Laminar Air Flow/Taper Blade & Stator Technology

MultiPhase Technology

Soft Start Technology

Heavy Duty Sealed Bearings & Shorter Motor Shaft for smooth operation.

Hyperfan Benefits

HyperFan achieve higher CFM, L/s and have greater static pressure than a comparably sized MaxFan at ½ the energy consumption.

5 year warranty

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 20 cm


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