Tips – Flood & Drain

Tips – Flood & Drain



The Flood and Drain System is an excellent growing system suitable for many types of plants from fast growing vegetable crops – long term flower crops.


So how does the Flood and Drain system work?

It operates with an irrigation system that floods the grow tray with nutrient solution from the reservoir hidden underneath. The nutrient solution floods the tray for a short period of time then drains back to the reservoir.

The benefit to this system is that it can work off a timer. Set and forget!

What’s the best medium to use?

There are many types of medium that work well with the Flood and Drain

  • Clay Balls
  • Perlite or Perlite / Vermiculite mix


Clay balls can be used straight into the tray and used as a garden bed or you may choose to plant in pots and use the clay balls as the grow medium. Clay balls allow for excellent aeration of the plant roots.

If choosing to use Perlite its best to plant in pots.


Flood and Drain Kit Comes complete with :

  • Grow tray (Various sizes avail, 1050 x 1050 most common)
  • Aluminum Stand
  • Irrigation fittings / plumbing
  • 68 Litre reservoir
  • Water pump
  • 24 hr Timer
  • Clay balls
  • Nutriflo Grow Nutrient

NB : You can expand your Flood and Drain System and have 2 or 3 grow trays connected to the existing reservoir and pump.