Pro Grow 400w / 600w 10K MH Grow Lamp


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Best Selling Metal Halide


The 10K finishing grow lamps from Pro Grow are intended to be used for the final 2-3 weeks of flower only. The colour temperature of 10,000 Kelvin with the narrow UV range of 385-390nm helps stimulate phenylpropanoid pathways and increases production of specific terpene and essential oils by up to 26% over HPS lamps.

Benefits of the Pro Grow 10K MH Grow Lamp

  • Compatible with all quality digital & magnetic ballasts
  • Broad Hertz operating range from 50Hz to 110,000Hz
  • Phosphor tuned for accurate & brilliant colour rendition
  • Low iron quartz glass delivers the highest optical quality
  • Manufacturer backed one year warranty from purchase

Pro Grow 10K MH Grow Lamp Specifications

Lamp Type: Metal Halide (Single Ended)
Kelvin: 10,000
CRI: 80
Yield Factor: 30/100
Medicinal Factor: 100/100
Colour Expression: Ultra Violet
Colour Description: Full midday sun at high altitude
Best Used: Last 2-3 weeks of bloom only. 385-390nm UV stress light.
Hot Restrike: 12 mins

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400W, 620w

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