Blue Lab EC Pen (not truncheon)


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The Bluelab EC Pen is far from your ordinary conductivity pen. It’s fully waterproof, not just water-resistant, assuring longevity and resilience. This pen comes with a flat electrode for easy cleaning and maintenance. More so, the selectable measurement units allow customization, aligning with your preferences.

Whether you’re taking conductivity readings (EC, CF, PPM 500 (TDS), or PPM 700) or temperature (˚C or ˚F), this pen will adapt to your needs. The hold reading function lets you capture each measurement with ease. Further, automatic temperature compensation assures accurate readings, regardless of your location. The pen’s auto-off function extends battery life, ensuring it’s always ready when you need it.
Why Use Bluelab EC Pen?

Every grower knows that plants need the right amount of nutrients to thrive. Too little or too much can disrupt growth and waste valuable resources. This is where the Bluelab EC Pen comes in. Regularly measuring conductivity keeps you informed about your solution’s total ionic content (dissolved salts), helping you maintain optimal nutrient levels.

Scientifically, when nutrients are added to the solution, it enhances the potential for electricity to move, thereby increasing the electrical conductivity. Likewise, it’s essential to measure your solution’s temperature. Temperatures that are too hot or too cold can negatively impact the plants’ growth rate and structure.

Additional information

Weight .6 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 5 cm