Nutriflo News

Welcome to the new web site for Nutriflo Hydroponic Systems,

Just over a year ago I (with the help of my wife Jo) took over Nutriflo Hydroponic Systems from the previous owners who many of you know was Clay and Jo. Clay and Jo had the store for over 15 years together and to their credit built a great little business that stood the test of time. Last year they decided it was time to move on, to try their hands in the life changing event known as retirement life. In the last year the shop has gone through some appearance changes and some re shuffling of stock, displays moved around and other things you may or may not have noticed. I hope the changes have been for the better, helping you find what you are after and also maybe see something you may never have known was here that little something can help you in your gardening and make all the difference. The next thing to bring in to the 21st century was the web site, so here it is we have tried to make it clean and cut for you to get the best experience while you go through the site. we will be adding more and more things as we get more familiar with how the new site works. So please be patient with us as we are learning this as we go too.

Thank you for sticking by us through the year that has been one of the hardest for small businesses, with Fire engulfing much of our local area through January and then, what seems like the very next day the rains of February causing mass flooding. Then as the flood waters resided we entered the era of Covid -19 and our whole way of life changed. So Thank you your loyalty is so very much appreciated. We will en-devour to give you the best information, service and products we can. It has been a pleasure to help you were we can and Nutriflo Hydroponic Systems intends on continuing to assist with all your growing needs for years to come.

So please go through the web site and have a look, give us feed back on what you think of the new site thus far we are open to suggestions and ideas and will continue to add more to the site and the shop as we get ready to face what has to be an easier 2021 for all.