Organic Water only Soil 25Ltr


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Easy As Organics Water Only Soil

Organic water only living soil blend. Grow the healthiest and most vibrant plants and get great yields without the need for added synthetic fertilisers.

  • Living Organic Water Only Soil
  • Made in Australia
  • No need for bottled nutrients. Never adjust the pH of your water.
  • Maximize genetic expression. Experience complex and amazing flavors and aromas from huge terpene production.
  • Reduce waste. No bottles, soil or root balls to throw away.


Canadian sphagnum peat moss, Big Bio Worm Castings, scoria, mature plant based compost, charged biochar, paramagnetic basalt rock dust, calcium bentonite, malted barley, soft coral lime, gypsum, Acadian Sea Plants kelp meal, neem seed meal

This is a living soil that promotes a ecosystem of microbes and beneficial predators. Over time you will see a diverse array of insects underneath the mulch. They are part of the soil food web that break down organic nutrients to make them plant available and protect against disease. They are your friends!

Easy As Organics Water Only Soil is a perfect base for no till gardening and can be re-used with proper care.

Living soil

Peat, compost, worm castings and biochar create optimal soil structure, rich with humus and packed with beneficial soil life with excellent nutrient and water holding properties.

Nutrient dense

Organic nutritional amendments are held in soil and converted to plant available form by microbes as needed throughout the crop life-cycle.

Optimal soil structure

Lightweight scoria provides aeration to the rhizosphere. Roots require oxygen for sugar production to grow and feed soil biology. In exchange, microbes convert nutrients to plant available form.

Premium organic amendments

Amendments contain a full spectrum of macro nutrients, trace elements, pest and disease resisting compounds and many natural growth promoting hormones.

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 60 × 40 × 50 cm