Squid Power


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Squid Power™ is a totally organic, highly concentrated liquid fertilizer used to supplement hydroponic crops as well as a variety of soil grown vegetables, fruits and flowering trees. Squid Power improves the size and aroma of fruits and flowers. Squid Power is made from the bi-product of locally sourced southern Squid using a unique critical extraction process rather than enzymatic cold digestion or heat treatment. This process makes it highly soluble and the most user-friendly, economical ocean derived nutrient source available. Squid Power is a fully soluble extract rather than a thick emulsion. Squid Power can be used successfully as a foliar spray, nutrient additive, organic soil enricher and microbe stimulator.

Economical to Use
Use 1 ml/L for Growth
Use 2.5 ml/L for Bloom

Ecologically Sustainable Squid have a short life span, a low reproductive age and are inherently resilient to fishing pressure.
The individual growth rates for squid are also very high. Even with current fishing levels, the available biomass of squid continues to grow. Rather than being trawled or harvested by industrial means, the squid used to produce squid oil is fished by hook&line, by small vessels which means:

  • Highly selective hook&lines that primarily target adult specimens Virtually zero collateral damage to other species
  • No negative impact to the ocean floor or coral reefs
  • High Phosphorus
  • High levels of available phosphorus reduces inter nodal length and increases bud & fruit production.
  • Safe For All Media
  • Suitable for use in soil, soil less, and hydroponic systems.
  • Fully Compatible / Use as a supplement to any plant fertilizer program.


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