Pro Grow LED 630 W EVO Model S 6 Bar


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Pro Grow LED – Model S 6 Bar Full Spectrum 4000K 630w for Enhanced Plant Growth

The Pro Grow LED Model S 6 Bar combines high-performance full spectrum LED array with an ultra-reliable Sosen 0-10 V dimmable driver for superior plant growth. Lightweight and durable, the die-cast aluminium housing ensures cool, fanless, and silent operation with IP-55 water-resistant and cleanable housings. The fixture is also dimmable via a master controller (sold separately) and compatible with the Pro Grow Smart Controller for added convenience.
Features and Benefits

High output and efficacy: Achieve exceptional results with PPF 1,720 µmol/s and 2.73 µmol/J
Full spectrum light: Promotes healthy plant growth with 4000K full spectrum light and industry-leading CRI of 91.8
Smart Controller compatible: Manage up to 200 fixtures with Pro Grow Smart Controller (sold separately) for greater control over light intensity and spectrum
Foldable design: Easy storage and setup with foldable design and included rope ratchets for immediate installation
Spectrum and far-red enhancement: Boost plant growth with red and blue diodes, and separately add far-red light bars for Emerson Effect and Phytochrome signalling

How to Use

Unfold the Pro Grow LED Model S 6 Bar and ensure it is securely fastened.
Attach the four rope ratchets to the corners of the fixture and hang it at the desired height above the plant canopy.
Use the provided extension cord to connect the fixture to a dimmable driver (Sosen 0-10 V) mounted at a maximum distance of 1.8m.
If using a Pro Grow Smart Controller (sold separately), connect the fixture with the provided RJ 14 Cable and switch all fixtures to EXT mode.
Adjust the light intensity and spectrum as needed for your plants’ growth stage, with the option to simultaneously operate Grow and Bloom channels.

Suggested usage

The Pro Grow LED Model S 6 Bar Full Spectrum 4000K 630w is ideal for hobbyists and professionals seeking energy-efficient, reliable lighting solutions for indoor plant growth. Its powerful, full-spectrum output and easily adjustable settings make it an excellent choice for large-scale growing operations, greenhouses, and hydroponic systems.

tips from us..

For the best results, ensure that the Pro Grow LED Model S 6 Bar is securely mounted and the driver does not exceed 1.8m away from the fixture.
The fixture itself is IP45 (water resistant) rated, but take care to keep the driver and other electrical components protected from water exposure.
Do not operate at temperatures below -40°C or above 40°C to avoid potential damage to the fixture.

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