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Best Selling Root Zone Growth & Repair


MYKOS is a special type of fungus (mycorrhizae) that bonds with the roots of plants and extends their root network up to 1000% (yes 1000%!) giving more access to water, nutrients and defence against pests and diseases while increasing the overall biological activity of the plant and the surrounding soil/amendment. Mycorrhizae is the backbone of any biological system.

Another relationship 400+ million years old, plants and mycorrhizae have been developing their special symbiotic relationship since plants came out of the oceans.

More than just giving your plants more access to nutrients, water and pathogen defense (resulting in bigger plants and better yields) mycorrhizae have been shown to network between plants, sharing resources and information to the plants that need it the most. This has been described by scientists as “nature’s internet” or “the brain of nature”. Indeed, some mycorrhizal networks have been shown to be over 1000 acres in size and 1000’s of years old!

Research continues but mycorrhizae is beginning to be used heavily in farming to remediation of land and has been called “the holy grail of agriculture”.

We know it’s a very special little fungus and it will give your plants the chance to reach their full potential.

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Weight .150 kg
Dimensions 25 × 10 × 15 cm