Bloom Sea Fuel (300ml)


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Bloom Yellow Bottles Seafuel 300ml, 1L or 2.5L sizes

Bloom Seafuel is the SeoSol equivalent for your bloom stage, however with more punch and at a higher concentration. 100% organic and made in Australia from cold composted bluefin tuna, kelp, and fulvic acid. Seafuel is suitable for soil, hydroponics and aquaponics.

For hydroponic growers, if you use Bloom Seaweed for normal grow / vegetative growth, then switch to Bloom Seafuel for flower. Use 1ml to 1L or 2L of water.

For aquaponic growers, if you are starting your system, this is the all in one formula to grow your plants. Add 1ml Seafuel per 10L water (100ml per 1000L), and redose according to the number of plants you have.


What is Bloom Seafuel?

Bloom Seafuel is a growth enhancer that promotes healthy plant growth through fish hydrolysate, natural plant extracts and fulvic acid. Cold composted blue fin tuna promotes a health root zone through out the micro organism that composted the product. Bloom Seafuel also assists in the absorption of macro and micro nutrient from the chelating of the proteins and amino acids. It contains cold composted kelp that promotes natural hormones, minerals and vitamins that assist the plant in stressed conditions. Bloom Seafuel contains fulvic acid which assists the plant with macro and micro nutrient absorption and provides fuel for micro organism multiplication. The micro-organisms in it assist in breaking down decaying plant material in the root zone and promote nutrient absorption. Bloom Seafuel can be used in any grow method or media whether it is indoors or outdoors. Read on to get the correct dosage.

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