Advanced Nutrients B-52 250ml


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B Vitamins can Improve Your Plants and Your Yield

Folic Acid helps plants maintain healthy metabolism and DNA, but Folic Acid breaks down easily in plants especially under intense lighting, so it’s a good idea to supplemental feed Folic Acid to your plants. Tests show that Folic upgrades the weight and quality of your harvest.

Vitamin B5 is essential for fundamental cellular processes.

Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) helps plants use and create carbohydrates so they have enough energy to build strong vegetative growth and to power production of flowers and essential oils. It also facilitates plants’ use of phosphate, which fuels flower growth. B1 activates Systemic Acquired Resistance (SAR), which is the same benefit that happens in humans when a vaccination produces a pre-emptively increased immune response to future infections. B1 also assists in root development meaning plants intake more nutrients faster, and are more resistant to shock, transplanting and cloning.

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