Aptus Mineral Cal-Mag 1ltr


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MINERAL CAL MAG is a 100% water-soluble additive containing necessary plant-available forms of nitrogen (N), calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg). This formulation has been designed to prevent common deficiencies while buffering your feed water when growing in soil-less mediums such as coco, perlite, Rock wool, clay balls or recirculating systems and/or using filtered sources of water. MINERAL-CAL MAG can be used throughout the entirety of the vegetative and flowering stages of growth.

APTUS BASE ‘liquid’ contains zero calcium and must be used in conjunction with either MASSBOOST OR MINERAL CAL MAG. Deciding which APTUS CAL-MAG to use (MASSBOOST or MINERAL CAL-MAG) is largely dependent on your growing method.

MASSBOOST is an oregano-mineral product that leads to organic biofilm build-up when kept in a nutrient reservoir for more than 2-3 days. While MINERAL CAL-MAG is 100% mineral, super clean and will never spoil, MASSBOOST contains beneficial L-Amino Acids and is the CAL-MAG of choice for growers mixing fresh feed daily and can also be administered via foliar application. MINERAL CAL-MAG has excellent pH stabilising capabilities and is the CAL-MAG of choice for growers running longer reservoirs and recirculating systems.

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