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Nutriflo News

September Giveaways

Hello from the Nutriflo Team

For the month of September, we are giving away a 50ml Super Bloom with any online order's of $30 or more (not including postage in total) (Australian online order's only.)

Super Bloom is a plant hormone that effects the flowering of plants. Super Bloom induces some plants to flower in a matter of days, and can increase flower yields incredibly. Super Bloom, when sprayed on plants during there vegetative growth stages, will produce large levels of female hormones within the plants resulting in a larger number of females compared to males to form than normally would occur. Super Bloom has also been said make the flowers on some plants mature at the same time rather than over a longer period of time. Newer trials on Super Bloom have shown that even better results can be achieved by adding Super Bloom to your nutrients. 1ml per litre added once at first signs of flowering.

Plus buy any Cyco products and you will go into the draw for a Cyco Platinum Pro Kit worth $340.00, also we have the 125mm Can fan and Carbon Filter still on special for $250.00 + postage.

Growing Tips:

With the weather starting to warm up, get ready to take out your water heater and increase your airflow

Have a great day & happy growing!

Nutriflo Management