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Nutriflo News

October to December News

Hello from the Nutriflo Team

Cyco have given us a Cyco Pro Kit to give to one of you, so for the next few months any online order's of a Cyco product you will go into the draw for Cyco Pro Kit value at $340.00, so have a look at some of the great Cyco products we have from the Cyco Nutrients and Cyco Additives you will find them on the links below. Good Luck.

Cyco Grow & Flower Nutrients

Cyco Additives

Cyco Growth Hormones

New Product: Energy Plus is a Booster, Accelerator and Thrive all in one. Energy plus is a high performance, high energy product containing organic complexes, ultra-trace elements and vitamins blended with inorganic carrier, designed for rapid take up by your plants.

Congratulations to the lucky winner of the Bio Diesel it is on it way to you.

Growing Tips: Warm Weather

As it is warming up make sure you turn up the fans in your room, you should have fans up the top of your room taking the hot air out and fans down the bottom bringing the cool air in and get your oscillating fan circulating and don't forget to turn your air pumps up in your nutrient tank.

Have a great day & happy growing

Nutriflo Management