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Nutriflo News

October Giveaways

Hello from the Nutriflo Team

For the month of October we are still running the Canna promotion, buy any Canna product (online order's only) and you will receive a Canna product and some goodies , just click on the links below to see the product descriptions of Canna products. We also have reduce the price on Kick Start from Grotek which was $22.00 now down to $18.00. Kick Start is a liquid fertillizer that is designed to help promote growth during the early stages of plant development and buy any Cyco products and go into the draw for a Cyco Platinum Pro Kit worth $340.00.

Canna Classic Vega and Flores

Canna Bio Vega and Flores

Canna Coco

Boost Accelerator

Bio Boost


PK 13-14


Growing Tips:

One of the biggest mistake made, is to put too many plants in a grow room, the plants get too crammed together, then they become tall and thin, sometimes less is more.

Have a great day & happy growing

Nutriflo Management