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Nutriflo News

October & November News

Hello from the Nutriflo Team

Congratulations to the winner of the Cyco Box worth $340.00, they were very happy to get this great selection of products, for the next two months any online order's of $50.00 or more (not including postage in total) will go into the draw for a Twin Pot System. The Twin Pot System is a recycling system it consist of a 32 litre nutrient tank, 2 x 10" growing pots, submersible pump, drip irrigation system, perlite (growing medium) and nutrients valued at $95.00 you just need the room, fans and a light and happy growing and this month House and Garden's Shooting Powder is on special from $25.00 down to $20.00 that is a saving of $5.00 so stock up now! House & Garden Shooting Powder is the secret behind every successful grower. This sparkling bud expander is the absolute best in the field of flowering stimulators. It gives visible results and works brilliantly with all base nutrients. It is packed in handy sachets, is simple to use and has been extensively tested by our team. It has already gained great respect in the horticultural industry and, moreover, has earned our customers' complete satisfaction, 1 sachet will treat 100ltrs of nutrient solution.


Growing Tips: Cloning

1. Sterilise scalpel and cloning box failing to do so increases the chances of disease.

2. Soak rockwool cubes in water

3. Place cubes in seedling tray, and turn on heating pad so that it is at the ideal temperature (25 - 28ºC) for when the clones are ready.

4. Pour a small quantity of rooting gel into a small open container.

 5. Take cuttings from the growing tips of branches at the bottom of the plant. Cuttings should be taken in the vegetative as they will root sooner and faster. A cutting should have at least three nodes.

6. Take your sterilised scalpel and make a clean 45º cut through the node (where branch meets stem) and gently scrape stem around the cut to increase availability of the rooting cells.

7. Trim some of the bottom sets of leaves by cutting as close to the stem as possible. Also, remove any large leaves.

8. Dip cutting into the rooting gel, and gently ease cutting into the hole in the top of the rockwool cube far enough to cover the cut node and support the cutting. Do not push too far.

9. Mist cutting (using spray bottle) with water.

Have a great day & happy growing!


Nutriflo Management