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November and December Giveaways

Hello from the Nutriflo Team

With Christmas just around the corner, for the months of November and December we have 2 great giveaways from Nutrifield, any online order's of $30 or more (not including postage in total) you will receive either a bottle of Fulife or Ocean Mist free of charge, so have a look at the product descriptions of these 2 great products and see what you might get for free, we have a great Christmas present for one lucky winner with all online order over $50.00 or more (not including postage in total) you will go into the draw for a complete 600w light kit, thats right you get a White Wing Shade, a 600w Globe and a 600w Raider Electronic Ballast just for stocking up on your supplies for the Christmas break, we have reduced the price on Kick Start from Grotek which was $22.00 now down to $18.00. Kick Start is a liquid fertillizer that is designed to help promote growth during the early stages of plant development and buy any Cyco products and go into the draw for a Cyco Platinum Pro Kit worth $340.00.

Ocean Mist is a natural blend to optimise plant growth. It is an organic nutrient and foliar spray combining the best from ocean and earth to optimise spontaneous growth and increase brix levels. The mixture helps activate enzymes for improved growth and aids the amount of carbohydrates to improve yields and reduce fruit rot. It is ideal to relieve stress affected plants.

Fulife is designed to maximises your yields. It is derived from organic carbon allowing your plants to grow faster due to improved photosynthesis. Fulife will help condition soils and will aid more stomata openings. More stomata openings will allow for better plant respiration and transpiration, while helping the growth of beneficial micro-organisms. The electrical activity serves to convert silica and metallic elements into easily absorbable plant food, while increasing the nutrient chelating speed. Plants respond by being able to take up previously unavailable elements leading to nutritionally satisfied, healthy plants.

Growing tips:

With summer almost here make sure your ventilation is up to scatch, most people in hydroponics do not have enough air flow, you need a fan bringing fresh air in at the bottom of the room and another fan taking the air out of the top of the room, the air needs to change in the room at least 15 times per hour and the fans do not get turn off when the lights are off they must stay on 24/7 

Have a great day and happy growing

Nutriflo Management