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Nutriflo News

March Giveaways

Hello from the Nutriflo Team

For the month of March, B.A.C Nutrients have given us, Clip On Head Lights to give to you. A bit about B.A.C, B.A.C products are brought to you by Dutch Bio-Power. Dutch Bio-Power is proud to be an all Australian Company and has been established to bring the best nutrients and additives available to the hydroponic market. The new industry benchmark has been redefined and set in both quality and yield, by countless growers in Holland and in the rest of Europe using B.A.C products exclusively. If you but any B.A.C Product  you will get a free Head Light with your order (online order's only) we have also discounted the B.A.C Root Stimulator 60mls from $46.00 to $40.00 that a great saving, just click on the links below to see the product descriptions of all these great products from B.A.C Nutrient.

B.A.C Top Flower

B.A.C Coco

B.A.C Organic Grow & Bloom

B.A.C Superbud Booster

B.A.C PK Booster

B.A.C Root Stimulator

B.A.C Bloom Stimulator

Growing Tips: Temperature

When growing in a controlled environment, temperature and humidity are important in maintaining healthy crops all year round.

Temperature should constantly be at a ideal rate for the particular plant you are growing (important for cuttings and seed raising, out of the plants natural season.)

Ambient Air Temperature should be maintained between 20 °C - 28 °C

Root Zone Temperature should be maintained between 20 °C - 25 °C

Have a great day & happy growing

Nutriflo Management