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Hello All,

So here we are at March 2020 and It’s been a hell of a 3 months for growing. Firstly the devastating fires that shattered so many people’s lives both here on the NSW Central Coast and indeed all over Australia. Then once those brave fire men and women looked to be getting the fires under control, we got rain,and it was "RAIN!!!" some areas got water like never before, houses, sheds,garden beds, green houses, cars anything in the way of the water was flooded or  simply picked up, pumbled and broken in the raging waters and dumped somewhere else.

So Now in March is a time to rebuild,

To help rebuild we are going to do a few things to help our customers.

We will run:

Any online order's of $100.00 and over of Cyco Products you will go into the running for Cyco Pro Kit with a value of $340.00  So take a minute to look at some of the great products from Cyco we have on offer here at Nutriflo.





Nutriflo will also offer you, our valued customer, buy any 4 bags of grow medium (not reduced size bags) and receive another 10% off any other items purchased at in the same transaction.  through the month of March.




Nutriflo has brought in a number of new products under the SOL-SENSE unbrella  in the last few months with more to come too, none are more  imressive than what we are going to look at here,  the SOL-SENSE CMH kits.  The SOL-SENSE CMH kit comes in both the power packed 315w as well an impressive 630w.  These units have the quality of the big boys come with all the extras and don’t hurt the pocket anywhere near the other 315w and 630w CMH systems can with the 315w comming in at $699 and the 630w at $799. there is a full 2year warrany on both the 315 and 630 ballasts, the shade are made from German Aliminum and the globes that come with the kit oar of the highest standard being Dutch made Arc Tubes. IR remote control allows you to set the whattage with out going in the tent just point and press. remote hase 4 settings 

315W  settings are 145W 215W 315W and boost it up to 355W,

630W settings are 300W 400W   630W and boost it up to 700wt.



315w CMH KIT   rrp $699                                                                       

1 x Globe  315w    3 k all round single end (S/E)                      

1 x Detachable Shade  with 315w                                   

1 x S/E globe holder                                                

1 x 315w CMH Sol-Sence ballast                                

1 x Power lead                                                      

1 x IR (inferred remote control)                                                                               

1 x Sol- Sence glasses                                            

( blue and green lenses included)                                                                                          

1 x pair Ratchet hangers for in the grow tent             

1 x 5 mtr extention cable for detached ballast              

( for those who like the ballast out side the tent)        

All this and SOL_SENSE  showing to be a new leader in the field of CMH lighting. Come see the Sol-Sense 315w light in the HUSTLER HYDRO tent we have on display, the first tent we have had where you can grow your adult plants on one side  and have a devider to create a self contained area for clones / seedlings all in the one tent.   



Growing Tips :

As we come from the heat of February and in to March, things start to cool down a bit, the cooling and shortening of the days all go to show winter is coming.

Nutriflo is looking at what crops are best suited for the season ahead for you to consider planting if you are growing out side.

Here on the coast we are pretty lucky as for as growing goes and there are some great vegies to be grown in the sub tropical climate we have here. Planting  amaranth, lettuce, chicory, mustard, silver beet, Asian greens, cucumber, pumpkin, zucchini, squash, sweet corn, eggplant, capsicum, tomato, potato, chilli, beans, beetroot, carrot, parsnip, and onion will all love the cooler temps around the corner.

For those of you with a grow tent and lights you have the advantage to grow whatever you like, fleeting exotic summer fruits in the depths of winter

If you don’t get the frosts (once your soil is not water logged ) and you have a little room in the back yard  there is a range of fruit trees that will take well to being planted this time of year. The winter rains will help with the watering of fruit trees like citrus, guava, lycee, avocado, and mango.

Have a Great Day & Happy Growing

Best regards

Nutriflo crew

Nutriflo Management