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Nutriflo News

June Giveaways

Hello from the Nutriflo Team

For the month of June, we are giving away a 250ml Bio Plant Acid with any online order's of $30 or more (not including postage in total) (online order's only) Bio Plant Acids buffers the pH of your working nutrient solution and most importantly chelates available nutrients & trace elements through the addition of organic acids to inorganic nutrient solutions, also if you buy any Cyco products you will go into the draw for a Cyco Platinum Pro Kit worth $340.00.

Contents of ProKit:

1x 1 Litre Cyco Grow A+B
1x 1 Litre Cyco Bloom A+B
1x 1 Litre Cyco Swell
1x 1 Litre Cyco Potash Plus
1x 1 Litre Cyco Silica
1x 1 Litre Cyco Zyme
1x 1 Litre Cyco B1 Boost
1x 1 Litre Cyco Dr. Repair
1x 1 Litre Cyco Uptake
1x 100 ml Cyco X
1x Information Booklet


Growing Tips:

Preventing Disease and Warding Off Pests

The best ways to avoid these problems consist of maintaining a clean growing environment, selecting hearty, disease-resistant plants, proper ventilation and temperature control, and constant monitoring for problems.

Have a great day & happy growing

Nutriflo Management