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Nutriflo News

July to September News

Hello from the Nutriflo Team

For the next few months all orders will go into the draw for a 1Ltr Bio Diesel.

Congratulations to the lucky winner of  5Ltr Root 79 it is on it way to you.

New Product: BIO DIESEL  

Bio Diesel is a powerful natural bloom stimulant designed to enhance overall bud and flower size. 

  • Improved resin and essential oil production

  • More flowering sites with heavier blooms

  • Greatly enhanced sugar production, taste and aroma

  • Improved structure in soil-less media such as coco fibre

  • Stablising effect on pH in nutrient solutions

Growing Tips: Vitamins

Vitamins help a plant feel better when stressed and will keep your plants healthy. They will also build up resistance to fungal rots and insect attacks when using vitamins, while plants manufacture their own vitamins, if you supply vitamins to them as well, they can turn their energy into producing other elements they need which will help to speed up growth.


Have a great day & happy growing

Nutriflo Management