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Nutriflo News

July to September News

Hello from the Nutriflo Team

For the next few months Green Planet has given us some samples for you, with any order of Green Planet GP3 Nutrient Grow, Flower and Mirco we are giving away a Pk Spike or Massive Bloom that is with the 1ltr sets or 5ltr set.

GP3 Nutrient Grow, Flower & Mirco

How does it work?

Gp3 provides better flexibility than a 2-part nutrient. In conjunction with the Micro, the Grow and Bloom formulas are blended together in specific ratios during the transition from veg to flower. This method provides for a wider scope of nutritional delivery than ever before.

GP3 uses only the best, ethically sourced ingredients this 3 part nutrients system consists of a combination of all primary, secondary and micronutrients in three seperate formulas: Grow, Bloom and Micro. No synthetic dyes are used in the manufacturing of these products. The colours are naturally derived and are light, heat and acid stable. The formulation contains no carbonates. All of the ingredients are 100% water soluble and are immeiately available to your plants. 100% chelated micronutrients with 3 unique sources of iron designed for a broad range of pH environments. Does not leave a heavy salt residue, low in salt index.

Special Note from the WHG:

The iron uptake with this formula is nothing short of spectacular. The greenest leaves I have ever seen from any nutrient formula in my 25 years of industry involvement. pH is also noticeably more stable without constant creepage up into alkaline numbers. I like this nutrient a lot!

GP3 Spike

GP3 PK Spike is formulated to provide a uniform quantity of phosphorus and potassium to your flowering plants, this product can be applied at a maximum rate of 1m/l to achieve a 250ppm P/K spike to your plants. Use one week before commencement of flowering and the first 3-4 weeks of flower.

Massive Bloom Formulation

Massive Bloom Formulation incorporates naturally occurring gibberellic hormones designed to increase internodal spacing allowing more room for the flower to mature and swell to full potential. When flower sites have been established, the components in Massive Bloom Formulation work aggressively to produce and transport vital fluids and cell building materials to the flower sites. Massive Bloom Formulation couples the naturally occurring gibberellic hormones with the scientifically proven plant steroid triacontanol that increases the rate of photosynthesis and CO2 utilization.

Growing Tips : Why use PK?
P is the chemical symbol for Phosphorus. Phosphorus plays a major role in the growth of new tissue and division of cells. Plants perform complex energy transmissions, a function that requires phosphorus. Phosphorus is a part of the vital nutrients needed by all plants and is classed as a macronutrient.
K is the chemical symbol for Potassium. Potassium helps plants to use other nutrients and is a key constituent of plant cells. It also plays an important role of activating enzymes and transporting products of photosynthesis. Potassium, like phosphorus, is one of the vital nutrients that is used by all plants and is classed as a macronutrient.
Adding these elements can help kick-start fruiting and flowering and by adding higher amounts of these two elements during the flowering stage, PK can have several different benefits. They can help to enlarge fruit buds and increase crop yields. Additionally, PK can potentially improve the overall taste and quality of crops.

Have a great day & happy growing!

Nutriflo Management