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Nutriflo News

July Giveaways

Hello from the Nutriflo Team

For the month of July, we are giving away a 250ml Bio Plant Acid with any online order's of $30 or more (not including postage in total) (online order's only.)

Bio Plant Acids buffers the pH of your working nutrient solution and most importantly chelates available nutrients & trace elements through the addition of organic acids to inorganic nutrient solutions, also we have the 125mm Can fan and Carbon Filter on special for $250.00 + postage.

Growing Tips: Space Requirements

When the plants are just seedlings or cuttings they can be grown in close proximity, but as they grow their space requirements will increase and they will need to be moved. With more space for the plants, they can utilize the available area for healthy growth. More area for growth means more air flow to prevent mildew and more light for photosynthesis.

Have a great day & happy growing!

Nutriflo Management