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Nutriflo News

July 2020

Hi All,

Here we are in July and Covid 19 is still causing chaos.

Firsty a HUGE HUGE thank you to all the loyal Nutriflo greater  family, for the surport through these times. We have tried our best to keep stock levels up and doors open.

As we have only been runnung Nutriflo  for 6 months now it was heart warming to have  you all keep comming in, have a chat here with myslfe or my family and indeed  between your selves, each of you sharing tips and answering questions for each other, so for the mate ship shown in here i thank you and humbled.

Nutruflo also had a rise in the amount of on-line orders over this time so for those of you who did the self isolate thanks for keeping in touch.

There really is not a Blog for this moth, not because there is not things to talk abaout but rather the fact that after maybe 15years Nutriflo is gettig a new web site.

The brains behind the new web site is the origanal owner of and who started Nutriflo some of you may remember Chris.

we are in the final half now before going live so hope fully in the next little while we wiill have a completaly new site with all the new lay out and all new abilities, so keep an eyeout for the change over.

we have also been busy redoing the shop and changed products around and added more items more  live displays so please swing by stick your heads in have a look and give us feedback.



So THANK YOU   and happy growing



Nutriflo Management