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Nutriflo News

January to March News

Hello from the Nutriflo Team

We all hope you and your families had a Safe & Wonderful Holidays, congratulations to the lucky winner of the complete 600w Horitek light kit. For the next few months all orders over $80.00 (not including postage in total) will go into the draw for a $100.00 store credit to go towards anything you want from our shop, Good Luck.

Growing Tips : Under Watering & Over Watering

Underwatering and overwatering are the two most common problems among beginner growers and are also very easy to fix. If you are underwatering a plant, you will notice the leaves start to droop and they will seem as if they are hanging. Growth will also slow down. If you notice these signs on your plants, all you’ll need to do is water them more frequently and give them more per watering. If your leaves are drooping, give them a quick watering and within 30 minutes they will be standing right back up nice and perky. When you are overwatering the plant, it will cause the leaves to curl downwards and they will seem very rigid and tight because they are so full of water. Growth will also slow down tremendously and if you don’t fix it quickly, it can lead to root rot. When overwatering occurs, it means you’ll want to water less frequently. The best method for deciding when to water is by checking how dry the soil is. If it is dry all the way around and inch deep, then it is ready to water. If not, you still need to wait. With an overwatered plant, let it dry out for a few days and then resume a more appropriate watering schedule.

Have a great day & happy growing!

Nutriflo Management