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Nutriflo News

Jan to March 2020

Hello All, and the happiest of New Years from the Nutriflo Team.

As we move through the beginings of a new year the crew here as Nutriflo thought it would be nice to start the year off with a give away so how does this sound, any online order's of $100.00 and over of Cyco Products you will go into the running for Cyco Pro Kit with a value of $340.00 shipped to your door!!  So take a minute to look at some of the great products from Cyco we have on offer here at Nutriflo.

you can see the full rage of products with in the links below.





 LUMii Glasses reduce the glare from grow lamps, and as well as protecting your eyes from harmfull rays, LUMii Glasses also alow you to see and pests or start of disease earlierwith out flicking the light switch.the Glasses blue lenses reduces the orange hue from grow lamps thus making a grow room appear as if it is day light


Growing Tips :

The PH (acidity/Alkalinity) levels in small hydroponic systems can often be overlooked if a grower is focusing more on monitoring a solution’s EC  level, balancing nutrients, providing beneficial additives and avoiding algae and plant pathogen problems.

However, not having good control over PH levels can be detremental for your plants and lead to the death of a crop, while having the right PH levels allows the plants to take up vital nutrains like Nitrogen, Phosphorousand Potassiumas well as the seconary nutrents like Calcium , Magnesium and Sulpha.

The PH level is like your mouth and when the leval's right is like having your mouth wide open for the food to get in, the wrong PH is like trying to eat with your teeth clenched tight, the food just can't get in. 

Most plants grown through hydroponiocs like a PH level of between 5.5 and 6.5 there are 


The pH of the nutrient solution is a major factor in determining the uptake rate of many essential nutrient ions.



Have a great day & happy growing!

Nutriflo Management