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Free Sylvania Supergro Globe & Giveaways

Hello from the Nutriflo Team

Sylvania Supergro This month we have another great deal for you, for the month of March, buy two or more Sylvania Supergro HPS 400w Globes $45.00 each and get a Sylvania Supergro HPS 400w globe for free or buy two or more Sylvania Supergro HPS 600w Globes $70.00 each and get a Sylvania Supergro HPS 600w globe for free, only for online orders.

CropAlso for the month of March, any online order's of $35 (not including postage in total) of Crop Bio-Organic Nurtrient or Additives you get, free of charge a 500ml Sumo or 1tr set of Shiva, here is a list of Crop products a detail description of these products are on the website www.nutriflo.com.au 

Growing tip: Media-Based Flood and Drain Systems

 The best feature of media-based systems is their ability to hold nutrients and moisture between watering cycles so plants can survive a temporary breakdown or power outage. Media-based systems are popular especially among beginners because of their relative simplicity and reliability. Ebb-and-flow systems function by flooding and draining a medium-filled growing bed with nutrient solution. In its basic form, the ebb-and-flow unit consists of a growing tray and reservoir bucket connected by a tube. The tray is flooded by a pump with a timer and then drains. Top-feed or drip systems work with a timer-controlled pump that delivers nutrient solution slowly and regularly to the base of the plant roots through thin tubing or drip emitters. The solution trickles through the medium back to the reservoir below the growing tray. Media such as expanded clay pellets or perlite distribute the nutrient in a wide circle around the plant roots. Drip systems are flexible. You can adjust the nutrient flow for individual plants within the same system by changing the number of emitters or their size, allowing plants with different nutrient and water requirements to be grown together. Drip systems are easy to set up, construct, and operate.

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