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December News

Hello from the Nutriflo Team

Happy Holidays to you all, we will be drawing the winner out for the Twin Pot System on the 10th so it is your last chance to get into the draw, so for any online order's of $50.00 or more (not including postage in total) will go into the draw for a Twin Pot System. The Twin Pot System is a recycling system it consists of a 32 litre nutrient tank, 2 x 10" growing pots, submersible pump, drip irrigation system, perlite (growing medium) and nutrients valued at $95.00 you just need the room, fans and a light and happy growing, this month BAC Final Solution is on  special from $69.00 down to $57.00 that is a saving of $12.00 so stock up now! B.A.C. Final Solution is designed to keep waste substances in the growing medium to a minimum. The Final Solution works by stimulating certain groups of micro-organisms that in turn produce enzymes. These enzymes bond to (and therefore effectively remove from the growing medium) chlorine and sodium. According to the manufacturer, most plants that look over fertilized in the later stages of growth are actually being affected by waste substances and used salts. This product should reduce the problem to a level where the plants can keep feeding at their full potential right until harvest time.

Use in the 5th week of blooming.

Growing Tips: Root Disease

The most common root disease in hydroponic systems is root rot caused by the fungal-like organism. Other fungal disease that are occasional problems include crown rot. Symptoms are very similar among these diseases and are usually first noticed as wilting or tip burn on leaves. The root system will be brown with sparse root hairs and sometimes soft and or stunted.

To help prevent disease organisms from entering the growing system. Start out with a clean system by properly disinfecting trays, all irrigation, tubs and your room. Effective chemical disinfectants include strong solutions of mild bleach solution or hydrogen peroxide based-products.

From everyone at Nutriflo we wish you and your family a Safe and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Have a great day & happy growing!

Nutriflo Management