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Nutriflo News

August Giveaways

Hello from the Nutriflo Team

For the month of August, we are giving away a 50ml Bonzi with any online order's of $30 or more (not including postage in total) (Australian online order's only.)

Bonzi is a growth regulator that will shorten stem growth dramatically, at the same time, inducing branching. The resulting plant will be only about 2/3 the height but with denser growth and higher yields. Bonzi is a foliar spray which is often used when growing tropical plant varieties under lights. Just remember when you use Bonzi you will get no more height from your plants.

Plus buy any Cyco products and you will go into the draw for a Cyco Platinum Pro Kit worth $340.00, also we have the 125mm Can fan and Carbon Filter still on special for $250.00 + postage.

Growing Tips: Oxygenate the water

In order to ensure that plants get enough oxygen, bubble air through a water solution. The oxygen provided is vital for plants to facilitate their nutrient and water uptake.

Have a great day & happy growing!

Nutriflo Management