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April Giveaways

Hello from the Nutriflo Team

Raider Digital BallastFor month of April we have 2 great giveaways from Grotek and Nutrifield, any online order's of $50 or more (not including postage in total) you will receive either a 500ml bottle of Alaska Pure or Carbo Max free of charge and go into the draw to win the NEW 400w Raider Digital Ballast, we will email you if you are the lucky winner and post the NEW 400w Raider Digital Ballast out to you, so have a look at the product descriptions of these 3 great products and see what you might get for free this month and good luck for the draw for the NEW 400w Raider Digital Ballast.

Alaska Pure is a complete flowering aid containing rich sources of potassium, natural plant growth optimisers and 17 amino acids. Potassium directly affects the production of chlorophyll while regulating stomata opening.  This in turn improves the plants ability to breath. Potassium is also essential for the storage and movement of carbohydrates in plants. Carbohydrates are essential to produce higher brix (sugar) levels as to maximise the weight of your yield. Alaska Pure promotes rapid cell division, allowing the plant to uptake larger amounts of nutrient and may aid in the plants recovery from stress, disease or infestation. Alaska Pure contains over 60 minerals with exceptionally high chelating ability. The unique formula also provides frost resistance and is able to deliver stress relief to unhealthy plants. Alaska Pure can be added to your reservoir with your nutrient solution or can be used as a foliar spray.

CarboMax is a hydroponic ready to use fuel source for plants. Naturally plants produce their own energy source (carbohydrates) for different functions, and this product helps provide additional carbohydrates during the important final flowering stage.

"NEW" 400w, 600w & 1000w RAIDER Digital Ballast will strike both HPS or M/H globes. It's dimming switch allows you to run your lamp at 100%, 75% and 50% power. This enables you to save power over the length of your crop, as you are only using as much power as you choose to and which parts of the cycle, raising the power as your plants grow. It is lightweight and will run much cooler with three years warranty.

Growing Tips: Lighting

Plants need an energy source in order to grow.

Artificial Light

Usually, natural sunlight is used for this important job. However, during the shorter and darker days of winter, many growers use artificial lights to increase the intensity of light (for photosynthesis) or to expand the daylight length. While the sun radiates the full spectrum (wavelength or color of light) suitable for plant life, different types of artificial lighting are selected for specific plant varieties and optimum plant growth characteristics. Different groups of plants respond in physically different ways to various wavelengths of radiation. Light plays an extremely important role in the production of plant material. The lack of light is the main inhibiting factor in plant growth. If you reduce the light by 10 percent, you also reduce crop performance by 10 percent. Light transmission should be your major consideration when purchasing a growing structure for a protected crop. Glass is still the preferred material for covering greenhouses because, unlike plastic films and sheeting, its light transmission ability is indefinitely maintained. No gardener can achieve good results without adequate light. If you intend to grow indoors. Do some reading on the subject or ask some questions from people who know. If you are having trouble growing good plants, then light is the first factor to question.

Natural Light

A large part of the success in growing hydroponically is planning where to place the plants. Grow plants that have similar growing requirements in the same system. Placing your system 1-2 feet away from a sunny window will give the best results for most herbs and vegetables. Even your regular house lights help the plants to grow. Make sure that all of the lights are out in your growing area during the night. Plants need to rest a minimum of 4 hours every night. If your plants start to get leggy (too tall and not very full), move the system to a spot that has more sun. Once you find a good growing area, stick to it. Plants get used to their home location. It may take some time to get used to a new place.

Have a great day

Nutriflo Management