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Test Equipment

To get the most out of your hydroponic system, it is a good idea to monitor the pH and the strength (conductivity) of the nutrient solution. This is not that important in gardens that don't recycle the solution as most hydroponic nutrients mix with tap water to a good pH and conductivity level. When recycling the solution, the pH and conductivity of the solution will change as the plants feed from the solution. By monitoring the pH and conductivity of the solution, and correcting it, you will get the maximum performance from your system.

Conductivity Test Equipment


EC Digital Test Pens


(digital test pen)


Pro Pen EC Tester

(digital test pen)


* Prices exclude Freight

Bluelab CF Truncheon

Bluelab CF Truncheon

CF Truncheon by NZ Hydroponics uses LED lights rather than a digital readout for long life. The CF Truncheon reads the conductivity of nutrient solutions in PPM, MS/CM2 and CF.

CF Truncheon

(stick led tester)


* Prices exclude Freight

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