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Pumps & Heaters

Water Pumps

Our range of pumps are all fully submersible 240 volt water pumps suitable for many uses including aquariums, fountains and Hydroponics. The pumps are rated by the number of litres per hour they pump, and the maximum height they can pump. Spare parts are available for all pumps.

Rio HyperFlow Pumps

Rio HyperFlow Pumps

The range of Rio HyperFlow Pumps are budget priced, high powered, fully submersible water pumps ideal for hydroponic use. Utilizing a new design of impeller, which is almost unbreakable, the Rio HyperFlow pumps are half the size of other pumps of similar power.

Rio HyperFlow 4HF Water Pump

(1080L/H MaxH 1.6M)


Rio HyperFlow 6HF Water Pump

(1400L/H MaxH 1.9M)


Rio HyperFlow 8HF Water Pump

(2300L/H MaxH 2.0M)


Rio HyperFlow 10HF Water Pump

(2700L/H MaxH 2.3M)


Rio HyperFlow 12HF Water Pump

(3100L/H MaxH 2.9M)


* Prices exclude Freight


The Pondmaster pump comes with thermal cut out and 2 year guarantee on motor. The Pondmaster pump can be operated submersible or inline.

Pondmaster 360 Water Pump

(600L/H MaxH 0.85M)


Pondmaster 480 Water Pump

(730L/H MaxH 0.98M)


Pondmaster 1300 Water Pump

(1100L/H MaxH 1.4M)


Pondmaster 1800 Water Pump

(1800L/H MaxH 1.9M)


Pondmaster 2300 Water Pump

(2200L/H MaxH 2.2M)


Pondmaster 3300 Water Pump

(2800L/H MaxH 2.6M)


Pondmaster 3600 Water Pump

(3500L/H MaxH 2.9M)


Pondmaster 4900 Water Pump

(5000L/H MaxH 3.4M)


* Prices exclude Freight

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Aqua One Pumps

Aqua One Pumps

The Aqua One Pumps are a budget priced submersible pump suitable for hydroponics or aquariums.

Aqua One 101 Pump

(400L/H MaxH 0.65M)


Aqua One 102 Pump

(500L/H MaxH 1.2M)


Aqua One 103 Pump

(1200L/H MaxH 1.6M)


Aqua One 104 Pump

(2000L/H MaxH 2.1M)


Aqua One 105 Pump

(2500L/H MaxH 2.6M)


Aqua One 106 Pump

(3000L/H MaxH 3.2M)


* Prices exclude Freight

Sensen HQB Pump

Sensen HQB Pump

The Sensen HQB Pump are a submersible pump suitable for hydroponics or aquariums.

HQB-2500 Pump

(2000L/H MaxH 2.5M)


HQB-3500 Pump

(3000L/H MaxH 3.5M)


HQB-4500 Pump

(4500L/H MaxH 4.5M)


HQB-5000 Pump

(5500L/H MaxH 5.0M)


HQB-5500 Pump

(6800L/H MaxH 5.5M)


* Prices exclude Freight

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