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Propagation Equipment

Propagation Blocks & Cups

Rockwool Propagation Blocks

Rockwool Propagation Blocks

Rockwool Propagation Blocks are excellent for raising seeds or cuttings. The Australian Growool propagation blocks come in 2 sizes, 25mm * 25mm in sheets of 36. We also keep a range of imported propagation blocks. Once the seedling has grown simply break the block off and plant it. Various Imported brands are also available.

Grodan Propagation Blocks

(35 * 35, tray 77)


Grodan Propagation Blocks

(35 * 35, sheet 98)


Grodan Wrapped Prop Blocks

(40 * 40, wrapped) - singles


* Prices exclude Freight

Seedling Cups

Seedling Cups This range of specially designed seedling cups are designed to allow the plant to remain in the cup its entire life. Once the roots of the plants begin to grow through the slits or holes in the cups you simply transplant the plant, cup and all. Excellent for NFT systems.

Port Pot

(80mm D * 65mm H)


Square Top Lettuce Cups

(42mm D * 50mm H)


Reusable NFT Cups

(46mm D * 80mm H)


Hydropots - Tray of 50

(40mm D * 55mm H)


Lattice Pots

(80mm D * 75mm H)


* Prices exclude Freight

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Jiffy Pellets & Pots

For the Organic Grower we have some NEW Jiffy Pellets and Jiffy Pots. Ideal for starting seeds or cuttings, Jiffy pellets and Jiffy Pots are made from compressed peat and complement the new Coco growing mediums.

Eazy Plug & Root it Plugs are a organic plug specially formulated for germination of seeds and cuttings. Eazy Plug is a mixture of peat, coir dust, fertilizer and components, they are compatible with rockwool, soil or any other medium, the open structure allow's an always correct balance of water and air.

Jiffy Pellets

(30mm pellet)


Jiffy Pots

(80mm pot)


Root it Plug



Root it Plug

(bag of 50)


Eazy Plug Tray

(tray of 24)


Eazy Plug Tray

(tray of 77)


* Prices exclude Freight

Turbo Klone, Collars & Spray Jets

Turbo Klones Collars and Spray Jets are for the Turbo Clone Unit.

Klone Collars

(Pack of 52)


Spray Jets

(Pack of 100)


* Prices exclude Freight

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