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Hydroponic Nutrients

There are 2 basic types of hydroponic nutrients. These types are Inorganic and Organic nutrients. Inorganic nutrients are an accurate blend of necessary mineral elements which are blended in a pure chemical form. Organic nutrients use only organic materials eg, manures and composts to formulate the nutrient blend. The accuracy of formulae may not be as good as the inorganic nutrients but amazing results can be obtained.

Part Organic and Part Inorganic

Bio Diesel Green Diamond

Bio Diesel Green Diamond

NEW BIO DIESEL GREEN DIAMOND is a complete Bio Mineral Grow and Bloom Nutrient. Part A is made of natural organic chelates and organic plant metobolites and Part B is combine with pure minerals of the highest quality. Trace elements, B Vitamins, Humic and Fulvic Acid are added to produce a powerful Bio Fused nutrient complete in all micro and macro minerals needed for healthy plants production. This nutrient is Part Organic and Part Minerals.

Supreme Creations

Bio Diesel Green Diamond

(2 litre)


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