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Horticultural Lighting

In most gardens, whether they are commercial gardens or hobby gardens, the sun provides all the lighting needs of the plants. Sometimes, however, due to bad weather, harsh winters, or just plain lack of outdoor space, we need to supplement or even replace the sunlight altogether. We can do this with the aid of Horticultural Lighting.

Light Movers

Jupiter II

Jupiter II

Light movers are used to slowly move HID lights over your garden giving more even light coverage, and also allowing a larger growing area available than would be with stationary lights.

The Jupiter II is a linear light mover which will carry up to 22 kg in weight. It comes with an easy to install 2 metre track which can be extended to any length. The Jupiter II has a completely sealed instrument grade drive motor which travels 60cm per minute. For easy expansion, a range of cross bars and extension bars are available to allow the Jupiter II to carry up to 6 lights. To find out more about Light Movers click the Manufacturers link. THERE IS A NEW RANGE OF JUPITER II FOR TENTS IF YOU WHAT MORE INFORMATION JUST EMAIL US TO FIND OUT MORE.

Jupiter II

Jupiter II Variable Delay

(Time Delay Variable)


Jupiter II Extra Track

(2 metres)


Jupiter II Extension Kit

(Carry 2 lights along)


* Prices exclude Freight

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