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Horticultural Lighting

In most gardens, whether they are commercial gardens or hobby gardens, the sun provides all the lighting needs of the plants. Sometimes, however, due to bad weather, harsh winters, or just plain lack of outdoor space, we need to supplement or even replace the sunlight altogether. We can do this with the aid of Horticultural Lighting.

Light Hangers

Easy Roll Light Hangers

Easy Roll Light Hangers

Easy Roll Light Hangers are the simple solution for adjusting your lamps

As all growers are aware, the distance between the plant and the light is essential for both the quality and quantity of the crop. We have therefore developed a new suspension

Easy-rolls are a suspension system for lamps which allow them to be adjusted in height in one simple movement.
The Easy-rolls package comprises of two Easy-rolls and all you need to install them. Using this package, you can suspend one lamp so that it can be adjusted in height quickly and smoothly.

A set of Easy-rolls can hold a maximum of 10kg. which amply covers all the lamps which are currently available on the market.
The Easy-rolls are adjustable in height by more that 110cm and can therefore be used for all ages of plant. from cuttings to cultivatable crop.

Easy Roll Light Hangers

(2 pack)


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