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Growroom Equipment

CO2 Enrichment

Plants take in CO2 from the air around them as they grow. By increasing the amount of CO2 in the air, plants can increase their growth rates immensely. Agricultural CO2 also has small amounts of pesticide keeping away those problem insects.

CO2 Enricha

CO2 Enricha is an inexpensive way to enrich the CO2 content of the air in your growroom. CO2 Enricha is a powder that reacts with water to produce CO2. Simply drip water into the CO2 Enricha to add to the CO2 content of your room and increase your plants growth rates. CO2 Enricha comes in a 1 kg pack and a drip dispenser is also available.

CO2 Enricha

(1 Kg)


CO2 Enricha Drip Dispenser


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