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Auto-Pot Hydroponic Systems

Auto-Pot Hydroponic Systems

The Auto-Pot range of hydroponic systems are ideal for those who enjoy gardening, but dislike the work. The main feature of the auto-pot system is the unique Smart Valve. The Smart Valve only waters the plant when it needs watering, and stops when a sufficient amount is supplied. The only maintenance you need is to keep the nutrient tank topped up with nutrient solution and the smart valve does the rest. No Electricity, no pumps, gravity does all the work.

The Auto-pot range of systems consist of a 4 * 6” Window Box kit, a 2 * 10” Hydropak kit, and a 1 * 12” pot kit. Each kit consists of bottom tray, smart valve, tubing, pots, growing medium. The 2 * 10” Hydropak and Window Box Kit comes with a 35 litre drum and nutrients. Expanding the garden is made easy with an add on kit. The other kit sizes come without the drum. Drums and other accessories are available separately. (check out the picture - these two tomatoes grown in a 2 * 10" pot Hydropak, reach over 4 metres tall. This picture shows the lower 90cm of the plants and are only 3 months old).

AutoPot Systems

Auto-Pot Hydropak

(2 * 10" Pots)



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